9 Famous Rich People We Didn’t Expect to Be Outed in Pandora Papers (OK, Now That We Think of It, Makes Sense)

Nowadays it seems financial leaks happen as often as hurricanes. And the Pandora Papers is this season’s 12 million page document dump that hosts more heads of state than the Olympics. Not to mention a few very famous celebrities.

Past honorees of the offshore tax shelter games listed in the Panama and Paradise Papers include lovable faces like Jackie Chan, Bono, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and The Queen. The list also includes major Universities and megacorps, like Amazon who survived for 20 years in the red on billions in government subsidies only to pay it back in two Jeff Bezos-shaped middle fingers.

Of course, nobody ever gets in trouble when these things come out. It’s too embarrassing to punish rich people for being rich. After all, don’t you kind of feel bad for them when they see the hit they’ll take on their new superyacht if they don’t find some kind of loophole? We feel the same thing when we order pizza and discover a mysterious $2 charge tacked onto our bill. #relatable

Maybe rich people don’t want to pay taxes because they don’t like how the money’s being spent? Until the day we can upvote how our tax dollars are spent using color-coded pie charts via Twitter, it looks like multi-millionaires and their billionaire friends will continue to outplay the rest of us in the big leagues of tax dodgeball.

See who made the shortlist this season and who didn’t. Then feel free to make predictions on who’ll be on next year’s list.

Cover Photo: Phillip Faraone (Getty Images)

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