Wendy’s Roasted Everyone on Twitter: Our 15 Favorite and Funniest Tweets

If you don’t pay close attention to the world of sarcastic, blisteringly-funny corporate Twitter accounts, we won’t fault you. In your busy life, you probably don’t have time to figure out which fast food restaurant’s official account is roasting who. We’ll let you in on a littler secret. Get on Twitter and follow the official Wendy’s account right now. Yes, we’re talking about the burger chain with the red-haired, Pippi Longstockings lookalike as its mascot. Whoever is running this Twitter account is so funny, they’d give your favorite comedian a run for his or her money.

Not only is the Wendy’s account funny all the time, last week it was on a complete tear in honor of National Roast Day. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite roasts from this iconic, beloved Twitter account. From Pringles, to The History Channel, and everyone in between, Wendy’s was up for the challenge.

Cover Photo: Xinhua News Agency / Contributor (Getty Images)

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