Eating Sugar Before Bed Equals Sweeter Sleep, Says Doctor Ignoring Diabetes and Cavities, Here’s Why

We here at Mandatory are huge fans of dessert. You don’t have to convince us to treat ourselves on the daily. But what if indulging your sweet tooth before going to sleep actually gave you sweet dreams? That’s what TikTok famous nutritionist Philip Goglia claims.

According to Goglia, consuming a mere 100 calories of sugar before hitting the sack means you’ll sleep deeper and spend more time in REM (rapid-eye movement). That’s because your body releases more growth hormone overnight, which the doc says is “life-extending, fat-utilizing, and it helps to reduce inflammation.”

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s his video:

@drgogliaHow to get better sleep #nutritiontips #deepsleep #sleepwell♬ original sound – drgoglia

Let’s say you’re sold on his theory (as if we needed much convincing to add more sweet stuff to our diets). How should you get your 100-calorie hit of bedtime sugar? The good doctor recommends fruit, half a cup of sorbet, a pouch of baby food, or a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup.

Honestly, we’d rather get out sleepytime sugar high from something more enjoyable, like Oreo cookies or a fun-size candy bar. This was never about being healthy, after all. But you do you. Just make sure to brush your teeth afterwards or you’ll pay for tonight’s pleasure with future pain and suffering in the dentist’s chair.

Sweet dreams, Mandatory readers. Let us know how it works out for you!

Cover Photo: photoschmidt (Getty Images)



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