Vermont House For Sale Features Jail Cells, Perfect For Demented New Mom and Dad

Most house-hunters have an extensive list of things they want in their new abode. They might be hoping for hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, or a mudroom. But most people aren’t looking for a historic fixer-upper with “features” like barred windows, rusty toilets, and, um, jail cells.

If those do sound like must-haves in your home-owning journey, have we got a listing for you. It’s a 2,190-square-foot home in Guildhall, Vermont. It was built in 1880 and in addition to four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious back yard, it includes your very own prison and jailer’s office.

The dwelling housed the Essex County Jail until 1969, and was where the jailer lived.


“There is so much character throughout this home from the wainscoting along the walls and the cornices on the ceilings,” the cheerful listing reads on Realtor.com. “Many recent renovations to the house over the years including radiant floor heat in most of the first level, insulation, some replacement windows, chimney, newer heating system, and the dormer has been repaired over the jail.”

What it lacks in ambiance it makes up for in affordability. It’s a mere $149,000.

Of course, over the years, it’s entered into a state of disrepair. Even the Property Brothers couldn’t resuscitate this place. (And why would you want to?)

“Bring your own ideas on what this 28′ x 40′ wing could be!” the listing encourages house hunters.

What would you do with it? Make a horror movie? Film a new “Jail House Rock” music video? Turn it into a sex dungeon? Open a daycare? Truly, the options are endless. Just don’t expect us to come to the housewarming party.

Photos: Realtor.com

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