Massachusetts Man’s Deep-Fried Turkey Mishap Destroys 3 Homes (That’ll Be the Last Time He Hosts Thanksgiving)

Deep-frying turkey is dangerous. This should be common knowledge by now. If he didn’t know it before, one Massachusetts man does now. That’s because his attempt at making a Thanksgiving turkey to remember resulted in one woman being seriously injured and three homes being destroyed.

Here’s how it happened: the ambitious bird maker was using a turkey fryer on the back porch of a home in New Bedford when a fire ignited and quickly spread to neighboring homes. A woman in her 60s was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital and after all was said and (well) done, 27 people had to be evacuated because of the flames.

“He says he was cooking the deep-fried turkey and the propane tank exploded,” a neighbor told local news station WBZ-TV. “I heard an explosion but I thought it was thunder.”

Nope. It was just the natural consequence of a dumb human dropping a huge poultry carcass into a vat of boiling oil.

“People are amateurs, myself included in that,” acting New Bedford fire chief Scott Kruger told WBZ-TV. “Things don’t always go well.”

That’s an understatement. One thing’s for sure: this guy will never be allowed to host Thanksgiving ever again.

Cover Photo: CBS Boston

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