Runaway Ice Surfacing Machine on Fire Looks to Be the Perfect Post-Election Ride of the Year

2020 has been referred to many times as a “dumpster fire.” This year has been so awful that the best way to describe it is a bin filled with hot garbage that someone lit on fire. You can even imagine how awful 2020 would smell if it is was a dumpster fire. But, while this imagery seems to perfectly sum up this no good, horrible, very bad year, maybe the real image of 2020 should be an ice surfacing machine, engulfed in flames, flying around a hockey rink.

If that seems a little overboard, you should know that this actually happened in Rochester, New York, last week. The event, which was luckily caught on video for the world to gawk at, took place at the Bill Gray’s Regional IcePlex adjacent to Monroe Community College in Brighton (a suburb of Rochester).

If you watch the video, you’ll see literal insanity on tape. It consists of an ice surfacing machine flailing wildly, engulfed in flames. It almost looks like the machine is actually in pain and trying to shake off the fire on its back. It’s so graphic, we’re surprised none of the onlookers uttered, “Oh, the humanity” as it sputtered around the rink.

According to officials, here’s what happened. The hose that carries the hydraulic fluid somehow broke loose and fluid leaked on and around the ice surfacing machine. It caught on fire by the heat from the exhaust pipe beneath the driver’s seat. In the video, you can see a horrific, blood-like trail of hydraulic fluid behind the machine.

Luckily, even with the wall of fire behind the machine, nobody was hurt. The driver, Jordan Curtis, was even able to drive the fiery machine off the ice, away from the gawking crowd.

You might be wondering why we’re not referring to the machine as a Zamboni. Well, that’s because, like Xerox and Kleenex, that’s a brand name. The folks at Zamboni immediately issued a statement in an attempt to clarify that the machine definitely wasn’t one of their products. Regardless, this fire-filled debacle should be the new image of 2020.

Photo: ABC News

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