The Mandatory Survival Guide to Living in America With No Income or Insurance

Millions of people in America lost their job and health insurance because of COVID-19. It may be a staycation for some, but others are hurting worse than Ellen DeGeneres’s public image. Add in too many cops doing Michael Chiklis impressions. and it’s easy to see why people are protesting. Still, fixing America is going to take a minute. In the meantime, the jobless and insurance-less must figure out how to survive. With so much of the economy shut down or disrupted, it’s not as easy as hitting the pavement and emailing resumes.

If you’re still looking for work or healthcare, we can’t really help you. However, like Jerry McGuire in Jerry McGuire, we can help you help yourself. Or, something like that. No income? No insurance? No problem. Remember, every challenge is just God teaching you a lesson like some kind of well-meaning but misguided omnipotent TV sitcom dad. We’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to help you live through the dumpster fire known as 2020. To that end, we’ve created this survival guide for the penniless in dystopian America.

Cover Photo: Khosrork (Getty Images)

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