Scientists Exploring Giant Blue Hole In Ocean, God Knows What Else Other Surprises 2020 Has in Store

Photo: Giordano Cipriani (Getty Images)

Life is full of mysteries. This is especially true in the deep, dark ocean. Even though we’ve spent centuries study its briny depths, the sprawling ocean still holds many more secrets. That’s why it fascinates and terrifies people. That’s also why scientists have made it their lives work to explore it. In August, scientists will continue this strive for answers when they dive into a previously unexplored oceanic sinkhole referred to as a “blue hole.” This extremely scary oceanic sinkhole is called “Green Banana” for whatever reason, is 425 feet deep, and is off the coast of Florida.

What the scientists find in the sinkhole remains to be seen. Honestly, this all seems like the beginning of an ocean-themed horror movie. The set-up is right there. Scientists discover a previously unexplored oceanic sinkhole, they dive in and explore, unleash an ancient, giant shark, squid, or some other Kraken-like creature, and terror ensues.

But, in all seriousness, the real danger isn’t what they’ll find in the hole. The odds of unleashing a prehistoric, bus-sized Megaladon is probably pretty slim. In all actuality, the danger is that more of the sinkhole will fall in.

These oceanic sinkholes have been found all over the world. In the past, scientists have studied the much different oceanic habitat found at these depths. Let’s hope everything goes well and they don’t wake up Cthulhu or some other horrifying sea monster. Although that would pretty much sum up 2020.

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