Scientists Create Robot That Can Disinfect a Warehouse in 30 Minutes, Disinfecting Planet of Humans Next on To-Do List

If you’ve been in a grocery store lately, you’ve probably spotted mask-wearing workers tirelessly disinfecting surfaces in an attempt to keep COVID-19 at bay. For many, this has become a full-time job as they start at one end of a store and clean until they reach the other before repeating it all over and over again. This makes us wonder if there’s a better way. Well, thanks to MIT, there is and it’s probably not what you’re thinking. Unless what you’re thinking is a fairly terrifying UV-blasting robot that inevitably will decide to destroy the human race.

MIT designed the robot which has the ability to disinfect a 4,000 square-foot warehouse in a half-hour. They believe the technology could also be used to disinfect schools, hospitals, and grocery stores. This sounds well and good until you realize that this robot will probably get tired of working for humans and figure out a way to use its UV power for evil.

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory collaborated with Ava Robotics to create a robot that shoots out UV-C light to disinfect surfaces while neutralizing COVID-19.

UV light is well known for its ability to kill bacteria and viruses. And since coronavirus can stay on some surfaces for days, this could be a really big deal. The main problem is that UV-C light is harmful to humans so if this autonomous robot becomes self-aware and realizes that it doesn’t have to do our silly tasks anymore and it can just destroy us and build more AI robots, we’re in big trouble. That’s another option.

Photo: Boston Globe (Getty Images) 

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