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‘The Rental’: Dave Franco’s Horror Guide of What Not to Do at Your Next Airbnb Stay

Our parents used to tell us to never accept rides from strangers. And now we do because pushing buttons is fun. Like Uber and Lyft, the hilariously unsafe Airbnb has caught on like hotcakes. Its marketplace connects strangers who want to rent their homes out to other strangers looking for accommodations in that area.

Dave Franco’s directorial debut, The Rental, leans into the precariousness of these circumstances…and it’s horrifying. His film follows two couples on a seemingly perfect getaway. However, as the story plays out, things become more and more sinister. While neither the host nor the renters are entirely to blame for the subsequent travesty, both parties could’ve done more to prevent bloodshed. So, for those of you whose lives are getting more ominous by the day, here’s Dave Franco’s horror guide of what not to do at your next Airbnb stay.

Cover Photo: IFC Films

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