Reporter Ambushed by Raccoon on White House Lawn During Live Report

The White House is a dumpster full of human garbage. (But you didn’t hear it from us.) That’s the only way to explain the recent influx of raccoons on the lawn where reporters congregate to broadcast the news.

Cameras have captured the creatures crawling around media cables and gear bags as if scrounging for food. One intrepid animal recently interrupted CNN senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns’ live report. Though viewers couldn’t see the nocturnal animal charging Johns, they certainly witnessed his reaction.

He quickly turned away from the camera and yelled “Get!” before reaching for a wooden footstool and throwing it at the animal. “Ahh!” he bellowed.

Then, as if nothing had happened, Johns turned to the camera and continued his report: “Now, no events on the president’s schedule today…”

The clip went viral. Johns was later filmed explaining that he was attacked by a raccoon on the White House lawn once before and reassured viewers that “no raccoons were harmed in this exercise.”

But maybe they should be, because the Secret Service has been totally useless in scaring away the rabies-carrying animals. After an agent tossed a sandbag at one of the oversized rodents, it actually tried to drag the sandbag away. One was even discovered in a Secret Service security shack.

Apparently, it’s a raccoon-eat-raccoon world. We just broadcast from it.

Cover Photo: CNN

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