The Smell of Pine Trees Proven to Have Multiple Health Benefits, As If We Needed More Reasons to Start Christmas Early

People are often tempted to embrace the Christmas season earlier than usual, but this little scientific study might push them over the edge: the smell of pine trees can reportedly increase your white blood cell count, fight depression, and even prevent disease. According to our friends in Japan, being surrounded by pine is a recipe for a better life and a better you. It’s also a recipe for a better holiday season, because now any time your crazy cousin tries to tree-shame you, you can point to this study as evidence whilst simultaneously making her feel guilty about downplaying your depression. Because everybody knows: the real meaning of Christmas is not trees, nor gifts, nor goodwill towards man; it’s about making family members as uncomfortable as possible for your own personal amusement. Luckily, they, too, can find solace in the pungent aroma of the family Christmas tree.

Cover Photo: Megan Maloy (Getty Images)

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