McConaughey Mondays: Weekly Inspiration Through Meaningless Quotes

Welcome to our first edition of McConaughey Mondays where we take a famous Matthew McConaughey quote and dissect it, then elaborate on it for our own individual inspiration for the week. Our only hope is to inspire greatness.

I believe in living in the present, making every day count. I don’t pay much attention to the past or future. Well, I do remember which shoes I wore yesterday, but that’s only because it was like a second ago. I pay just enough attention to the past to learn from my mistakes and keep things moving forward. For instance, I specifically recall that I had spaghetti last night for dinner, mostly so I don’t eat spaghetti again tonight, and then a PB & J afterward for a snack. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Matt, didn’t you just eat spaghetti? Why are you eating a PB & J like some degenerate when you could just have more spaghetti?” That’s simple, I think that those boxes of spaghetti are very misleading about how much you’re actually getting. You won’t really know how much spaghetti you’ve got until it’s cooked and put on the plate, even tougher if you’re cooking for multiple people. It’s like some kind of weird arithmetic. Kind of like how you’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try. But you keep on tryin’. Now, you see, my kids don’t eat a whole lot, it mostly just goes to waste because they put their gross, little fingers all over everything, and I watch where they put their fingers. It’s pretty disgusting most of the time. But you have to factor all these things in when it comes to making spaghetti, or else you won’t have enough to go around. It’s all about making the world go around, am I right? Still, I like to put potato chips in my PB & J, it makes me feel alive. And that’s what living in the present is all about right? Feeling alive. L-I-V-I-N.

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