TikToker Pickled Garlic Is the Addictive New Finger Food You Won’t Be Able to Stop Engulfing

What’s your go-to snack? If you’re like us, it’s something savory and salty, the two things that make a snack amazing – and irresistible. But like anything done to excess, your go-to snack gets a little stale after a while. That’s why there’s TikTok.

Did we lose you there? You’re probably wondering what the hottest social media platform and your eating habits have to do with one another. Well, if you’ve been on TikTok for any length of time, you’ll discover that its food videos are some of the most mouthwatering, clever-hack-containing content on the internet.

Which brings us to the TikTok food du jour: spicy pickled garlic. Say what? Eating aromatics as a snack? Aren’t they supposed to be an ingredient in cooking, not an appetizer? Yes, but: trust us on this.

We have @lalaleluu to thank for bringing this delicious edible into our lives. She posted a video of herself downing an entire jar of “homemade” spicy pickled garlic in under five minutes. (Goals.)

@lalaleluuYeaa… I will finish this glass in the next 5 minutes… UPDATE: oops saw this in my drafts I meant to post it last night haha♬ original sound – Lala

To her credit, she used a spoon. We probably would’ve just used our fingers.

Lala makes her own version of this unusual snack. She starts with a jar of natural pickled garlic (no oil or added flavors). She drains the vinegar, then spices it up with copious amounts of Sriracha, a teaspoon of gochugaru (Korean chili pepper), and a sprinkle of thyme. Screw the lid back on the jar and shake. Once the garlic is evenly coated, dig in!

@lalaleluuReply to @johneng33 BUSSINNNNN♬ original sound – Lala

This obsession with spicy pickled garlic all started after she moved to Hamburg, Germany. As Lala explained: “We moved … and I lost my source of kimchi and I had to come up with something and so I had pickled garlic at home because I like to eat it, and I just added Sriracha … but it wasn’t spicy enough so I added chili flakes and then I just experimented. That’s it, that’s how I came up with it. And now I love it. … I know it’s not kimchi but it’s the best I can do!”

Fellow TikTokers think she did just fine. Over 5 million watched her recipe vid, and #pickledgarlic went viral across TikTok, with videos under the hashtag garnering more than 12.6 million views. The response surprised even Lala.

“I can’t believe my garlic snack is a trend now,” she said. “I’ve been getting tagged in so many videos and everyone that tried it and did it right, like used pickled garlic, and not just normal garlic, everyone loved it! I’m telling you guys, it’s delicious.”

Move over, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. We just found a new favorite snack…

Cover Photo: @lalaleluu (TikTok)

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