Viral ‘Twisted Bacon’ TikTok Video Will Help You Pig Out Even More (In the Best Way)

It’s hard to believe you could improve on bacon. But now, thanks to TikTok user Abby Durlewanger (@houseofketo), you can. In a viral video, the food blogger and keto diet devotee shows you how to take your favorite breakfast side to a whole ‘nother level – and it’s twisted.

Yup, you heard us right. It’s called twisted bacon, and it’s the best thing since, well, bacon and eggs. By using Durlewanger’s trademark technique, you can cook an entire package of bacon all at once, on one baking sheet. All you have to do is take each piece of cured pork and twirl it. If you like crispy bacon, twirl tightly. If you prefer your cured pork chewy, twist it looser.

@houseofketoI’m the original content creator for the viral twisted bacon trend! Be sure to tag us and show us when you make this! #twistedbacon #bacon♬ Poison – Bell Biv DeVoe

The TikToker stumbled upon the cooking hack a few years ago, when she was tasked with bringing bacon to a party at her gym. (Seriously, what gym is this? We are totally signing up – and showing up – for a gym that serves bacon.) She couldn’t fit all the pork on the pan the traditional way, so she started twisting it so she could cook it all at once. And once she started twisting, she didn’t stop, because, as she told Today, twisted bacon is “just the perfect amount of crunch with slight chewiness.”

If you needed an excuse to pig out on twisted bacon, consider this: Durlewanger lost 130 pounds over five years from following a keto diet – which is heavy on fat, moderate on protein, and low in carbs. In other words: a bacon free-for-all.

“Bacon is beautiful,” she told Today. “It can be a main protein, not always a topping or accessory we wrap our food in. It’s also such a great protein option for people doing keto because it has a great ratio of protein to fat leaving us more satiated gram for gram.”

We won’t take her word for it – we’ll try it ourselves. Is there such a thing as too much bacon? We’re about to find out.

Cover Photo: @houseofketo (TikTok)

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