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Chef’s Viral Pink Sauce Stirs Up Controversy on TikTok (Here’s Why You Probably Shouldn’t Try It)

A new condiment has overtaken TikTok, and it’s too pretty to eat. It’s called “pink sauce” and it looks eerily like Pepto Bismol. (It’s not, but you might need some after eating it.)

The strange substance was created by a private chef named Chef Pii who lives in Miami. Last month, the influencer shared a video of herself with a bowl of the stuff, which she was using to dip her chicken nuggets into.

@chef.piiPINK SAUCE

♬ original sound – PINK SAUCE QUEEN

That vid went viral, so she’s started making a series of pink-sauce-themed posts – over 100 of them.

@chef.pii Its the Aquarius Virgo Creative Extra Energy #beyonce ♬ original sound – vicmram

She’s even hawking the sauce, which she says is made from dragon fruit (hence the hue), honey, sunflower seed oil, chili, and garlic. It looks intriguing, but some are wary.

“Buying PINK sauce that has an unknown flavor and is being shipped in BAGS during summer heat is definitely a choice,” one person tweeted.

Others have posted “buyer beware” videos warning about mislabeling, from serving size miscalculations to the inclusion of milk, which one would think would spoil at room temperature during the shipping process.

@annareportsnews #greenscreen PINK SAUCE! #theorywithanna #pinksauce #thepinksauce #food #foodie #drama #tea #expose #exposing #scandal #scandals #tasting ♬ original sound – Anna Reports News

If it does indeed contain milk, you may be setting yourself up for an upset stomach, food poisoning, or even death by trying the sauce. One TikToker posted about the fact that the sauce contains honey, which if not properly handled, means it could also cause foodborne botulism. That can be fatal.

@metalhoneyfoodshbic #stitch with @chef.pii #pinksauce is not a joke yall. Botulism is serious! #labtest #botulism #foodpoisoning ♬ original sound – Sarah, MHF CEO/HBIC

Chef Pii admitted to NBC News that her signature sauce is “still in testing.”

We don’t want to be anyone’s guinea pigs. We think we’ll sit this social media trend out, thanks. We’ll settle for a bottle of ranch and some food coloring instead.

Cover Photo: TikTok


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