Flat lay. Variety of marshmallow toppings with peppermint and chocolate for hot chocolate and cocoa drinks.

Mandatory Trends: Candy and Chocolate Cheeseboards For the Christmas Crackhead Sweep Nation With Holly Jolly Gastro Blockages

Charcuterie boards are great for holiday parties – if you’re into meat, cheese, nuts, olives, and other savory snacks. For the sweet tooths and chocolate addicts among us, though, there’s never been a sugary spread equivalent – until now. This holiday season, the internet is going all out on hot chocolate charcuterie boards, and they’re packed with every cavity-inducing treat you can think of.

From cookie straws and chocolate chips to mini marshmallows and candy canes, you can customize your cup of cocoa and create a beverage so blissful you’ll wonder why you ever drank anything else. Caramel squares, peppermint pieces, and even coconut flakes can be added to your drink for a unique and unforgettable flavor.

It’s a sugar rush in a cup! (And you thought hot cocoa bombs were the bomb.) Check out these mouthwatering examples – and get inspired to make your own!


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We’d take these sweet “cheeseboards” over the salty version any day. Just remember to eat your vegetables (for balance) and brush your teeth afterward. Last we heard, Santa doesn’t pay dental bills.

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