Baby Bear Attacking Inflatable Reindeer Is Our 2021 Holiday Spirit Animal

They call it “the most wonderful time of the year,” but give us a fucking break. The holidays overwhelmingly suck. All that downtime, cringey family, forced gift-giving, obnoxious music, ugly sweaters; what exactly is wonderful about any of it?

Someone understands. Or rather, not someone, but something. An animal. A baby bear, to be exact. A cub was recently caught on video attacking an inflatable reindeer on a lawn in Monrovia, California – as (we assume) its mama bear watches on.

Check out this video and tell us you didn’t just find your spirit animal:


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Was watching that cathartic or what?

The only difference between that bear and us is that people will forgive the bear for attacking Rudolph; it was just following its animal instincts, after all. We could never get away with taking down a blow-up symbol of Christmas, but damn, if we won’t fantasize about it daily until the calendar clicks over to 2022…

Cover Photo: Instagram