Here’s What Happens When You Try to Cook a Steak in a Toaster

Toasters, like microwaves, are a kitchen necessity. While the aforementioned microwave is perfect for heating cold pizza, zapping frozen pot pies, and melting butter, the titular toaster is the best way to make crispy toast, waffles, or anything you want toasted. In the pantheon of toaster no-no’s, you can probably get away by toasting a whole sandwich if your toaster is big enough. One food item you should absolutely never put into your toaster? Raw steak.

It honestly should go without saying but putting a raw steak in a toaster is a monumentally stupid idea. But that’s exactly what TikTok user Itsmeju1iette does on the regular. She said so in a recent video uploaded to the app.


In the disturbing video for fans of grilled meat, she claims to know “how to cook steak” in a toaster. But, before you even watch the video we’ll step in and point out that she absolutely does not know how to cook steak. Steak should be made on a grill or, in a pinch, an oven. Not in a freaking toaster.

The video rightly received over 1.6 million views, mostly due to gawkers waiting to see if the TikToker and her boyfriend end up with E. coli or some 18th-century illness that everyone assumed was long gone.

Here’s how the horrible video goes: the woman places two cuts of steak into the two sides of the toaster and pushes down the button to “cook.” She waits for the outside to get brown, takes them out, tosses them on a plate, slathers them with steak sauce, and then chows down on the barely cooked, bloody awful mess.

Obviously, we’re not the only ones baffled by this low point in human history. Pretty much everyone who’s seen this video has been mortified. Let’s hope it’s enough to get this woman to stop this insanity and buy a grill.


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