The Hot Dog Bun Is Finally Being Replaced, Wait By What Now?


Even if you’re not a big grilled meat eater you know a few things are guaranteed. A burger is going to come in a round bun (hopefully toasted) and a hot dog comes in a long, cylindrical-shaped bun that perfectly, snuggly holds a grilled hot dog. These are undeniable facts literally anywhere you go. That’s why we’re equally freaked out and somewhat intrigued by a recent TikTok hot dog-centric video that’s trending.

And no, it has nothing to do with the constant battle between people who believe a hot dog is perfect with ketchup and those who believe only mustard should touch its meat casing. Of course, we’re talking about the practice of not eating a hot dog with the classic bun. But this trend isn’t about eating a grilled meat tube on its own, it removes the iconic bun completely and plops the mystery meat-based grilled item into a carved-out pickle instead. Yes, you read that right. A salty, briny pickle.

@alexislovespickles Pickle hot dog!! #fyp #hotdog #pickletok #MyBrawlSuper #SnowballFightAgainstHunger original sound – lex

We’re not going to lie. We are a little intrigued by this idea. But also completely horrified by TikToker @alexislovespickles video of it. It should come as no surprise, based on her name, she loves pickles.

In the video, she’s seen replacing the iconic hot dog bun with a hollowed-out pickle instead. That’s literally it and for some reason, the thought of it makes our skin crawl. Maybe it’s great like when we realized that sweet pickles and peanut butter are perfect playmates. Maybe it’s not. We’re just not ready to find out yet.