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Beat the Heat: TikToker Celebrates Summer by Cooking on His Car’s Dashboard

No matter where you live, right now it’s likely hot AF. Summer has definitely descended, and it has us in a chokehold of humidity. You can’t even take your dog into the yard without getting drenched in sweat. But rather than seek the strongest air-conditioned environment and mope and moan about this sweltering season, one TikToker is getting creative: by cooking with his car dashboard.

Yes, you read that right. Joe Brown (@thejoebrown) has been baking all sorts of edibles inside his car and posting the results on TikTok since last year — and he’s amassed a following of 2.2 million followers doing so. So far, he’s baked chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, pizza, pasta, potatoes, steak, pumpkin pie, and cupcakes (among many other things) with only solar power and the mobile oven of his car.

In a recent video, the TikToker stuck a pair of Eggo waffles on a baking sheet, then put it in his car, where it was a scorching 223 degrees Fahrenheit. (The outside temp in Phoenix, Arizona, where Brown is based, was 112 degrees.)

@thejoebrown Reply to @blackqueenomatterwhat will waffles cook in the car? #waffles #cooking #heat ♬ original sound –

When he returned three hours later, his car “was smelling heavenly” and the waffles had browned to perfection. Brown slathered the Eggos with butter, drizzled them in syrup, and took a bite.

“This waffle was a 10/10. Would definitely recommend,” he proclaimed with a double thumbs-up.

@thejoebrown Reply to @ashton.maines waffles part 2! #waffles #foryou ♬ original sound –

Check out some of the other experiments from this clever TikToker:

@thejoebrown these chicken nuggets were just like mickey d’s #voozhydrate @voozhydrate ♬ original sound –

@thejoebrown Reply to @qqotez this pumpkin pie was a 10/10 #foryou ♬ original sound –

@thejoebrown Reply to @only_.adrian this steak was bussin’ #steak @TRUFF ♬ original sound –

While we don’t know how food-safe these experiments are, they sure do look fun. If you decide to try this at home, do your friends the courtesy of not being the designated driver later. No one wants to smell what you ate for lunch on a ride home.

Photo: TikTok