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TGI Fridays Introduces Vegan Steak, Because You Can’t Just Not Eat Steak

For some of us, Veganuary (adopting a vegan lifestyle for a month) is in full swing. For others, not eating meat, dairy, eggs, or pretty much anything else delicious is a way of life. For vegans, finding restaurants that cater to their specific diets is like finding a proverbial needle in an astronomically large pile of hay. So, when we noticed that TGI Fridays was adding a vegan steak to its menu, we were pretty stoked for you people who’d rather hug an animal than eat it.

You might assume the fake steak is made from the meaty, wheat gluten-based protein called seitan, but you’d be wrong. That’s because, for some supremely strange reason, TGI Fridays locations in the United Kingdom are serving a slice of watermelon masquerading as a steak for $17. We wouldn’t even expect to pay that much for a real steak let alone a slice of fruit seasoned with garlic and spicy Sriracha, then chargrilled to have the appearance of actual steak and not sweet, watery nonsense. The photo of this abomination even shows it with french fries on the side. Can you imagine eating french fries and watermelon together? Yuck.

So far, this odd menu item is only available in the U.K. But that hasn’t stopped the internet from exploding in a collective confused sigh about the chain’s strange food choice. Since we’re not planning to book a flight to England to try this entrée, we can only hope one of our British readers plays guinea pig and tweets us about their experience. In the meantime, we’ll stick to real, beefy steak…just as soon as Veganuary is over and we can stop going to the gym and pretending to be healthy. Since there’s no way a steak made of watermelon could be filling, here are a few GIFs of people enjoying real steak.

Photo: TGI Fridays

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