Your Favorite Soda Brand Is Launching a Hot Sauce, The Question Is Do You Want to Dew It

Everyone has tasted the lemon-lime, tooth-achingly sweet soda that is Mountain Dew. Some of us have grown up and left sugary sodas like “the Dew” and other sugar bombs in the rear-view mirrors. Others are stuck in some type of arrested development and still chug the beverage that smells like Lysol on the reg. For these folks, releases like Code Red and Baja Blast are more exciting than finding your stocking full of gold bricks on Christmas morning. These are also the people who will be most excited about the newest Mountain Dew-related news. For whatever reason, the brand is launching a hot sauce.

We first heard about this spicy sauce a few months ago when Mountain Dew took to Twitter to ask fans to pick from Peri-Peri, Fatalii, Datil, and Habanero as potential sauces. After 3,800 devoted Dew-heads cast their vote, the clear winner Habanero.

This limited-edition hot sauce is a collaboration between the brand, hot sauce-loving Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid, and hot sauce company iBurn. Not surprisingly, the flavor will be habanero-centric, but will also have elements of the citrus flavors of Mountain Dew.

As of now, Mountain Dew hasn’t stated when and how fans can get their hands on this sauce. It has said that only 500 bottles will be released and to get one you have to keep your eyes peeled for a post on its social media channels with more instructions. So, spend your day eye-balling Mountain Dew’s Twitter or just buy a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot and enjoy your day instead.

Photo: Mountain Dew

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