Meanwhile in Texas: Arlington Officials Use Creative Stop-Motion Lego Video to Explain City’s Budget, Lord Knows How They’ll Explain Their Abortion Laws

Navigating taxes on the government level is tricky business. On the one hand, they’re confusing. On the other hand, they often require approval from the populace. So what’s a city to do if they need to convince the public to hand over their hard-earned cash? Officials in Arlington, Texas, got creative — by making a Lego video explaining how taxpayers’ money is being spent.

The four-and-a-half minute video explains how a proposed $552 million operating budget will be used to benefit residents. It was so well done, it went viral, attracting eyeballs of those who have zero vested interest in the goings-on of Arlington.

Jay Warren, the Director of Communication and Legislative Affairs in Arlington, is the man responsible for making government issues palatable. He was the man behind the Lego idea, which took years to come to fruition.

“It’s a hobby, admittedly kind of a nerdy hobby, but it’s one that I’ve had since a kid,” he told NBC DFW of his brick obsession.

The video features a Lego version of the city, complete with architecturally stunning homes, cool cars, and people going about their daily business. It explains how money is being used on road construction and maintenance, storm water projects, police and fire departments, parks and recreation, and libraries, among other services. It’s easy to understand and engaging, which is more than you can say for most discussions about city budgets.

“That’s our struggle. How do you make that relatable to a resident that might not otherwise care, but it impacts them?” Warren said.

Well, it would seem he figured it out. He’s reached people he didn’t even mean to. Will other government officials follow suit? We can only imagine how they’d explain all the changes taking place with abortion laws…

Cover Photo: YouTube