Watch Two Heroic Store Clerks Beat Down Gun-Toting Robber In Texas

Man with gun pointed at viewer. Photo: Paul Bradbury (Getty).

Being robbed is an incredibly scary situation. There are few things more frightening than having a gun pulled on you with its barrel pointed straight at your face.

In most situations, it’s best to give up whatever a robber is demanding you hand over. No amount of money or material objects are worth your life, so why put it at risk? That is, if you’re not a totally fearless badass like the store clerks who made two robbers rethink their life choices.

Gun-Toting Robber Beat Down By Texas Store Clerks

A father and son behind the counter at an Arlington, Texas cellphone store were faced with two men looking to make a score at their expense. But they weren’t about to let these guys take what they’ve earned, and when one of them jumped the counter, he likely wishes he jumped right back the other way.

The store’s owner Khurrum Monga followed his son’s lead and pounced on the guy who jumped the counter. As you can see in the footage, they wrestled the dude down and totally owned his ass.

During the tussle, the second guy pulled out a gun of his own. This didn’t stop the fracas, though, and he eventually booked it for the exit while his buddy got pounded on. A short while later, the guy who jumped the counter was able to get away, but not without his tail between his legs and shirt torn off.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, which is pretty remarkable considering one of the guns left at the scene was fully loaded. For Monga and his son, they were fortunate they didn’t get shot, so it’s best not to repeat what they did if you find yourself in the same situation.


The only time it’s remotely safe to act on something like this is when you have backup like an old man with a steel chair.