Help Us Figure Out If This Insane Robbery Video Is Real Or Fake

Screenshot: YouTube

During a time when big brother is always watching, we’ve certainly seen some crazy robbery attempts. We’ve also seen that people will do nearly anything to protect themselves or their property, even sushi chefs.

Maybe those recent memories are why I find this current video below so fascinating. Or maybe it’s simply because, as my editor put it, it’s better than anything currently on television.

Appropriately titled ‘Assalto,’ the video appears to show two con-artists attempting to rob a convenience store clerk right in front of his face, until an armed gunman enters the store, interrupting the original heist. The two original robbers end up saving the day.

The entire video is unfathomably insane. Help us figure out if it’s real or fake.

Okay, let’s look at reasons this could be fake:

There are no details in the description of the video nor can I find any articles about the crime online. We don’t even know the location of where this supposedly happened. If this were to have happened in any modernized country, it surely would have made the local news, at the very least.

Once the clerk gets behind the counter in search of whatever the patron (man) is ordering, the woman starts packing up, stealing several items from another shelf just feet away. Unless the clerk is blaring ACDC, shouldn’t he be able to hear what’s going on so close to him?

Once the gunman enters the store he makes no attempt to search for anyone else in the store. There’s also no way he didn’t see the other patron at the counter as he walked in. Not to mention you’re telling me he couldn’t hear the two people, just a few feet behind him, planning his demise?

The woman tackles him, okay. But you’re also saying a small metal (or plastic?) shelf that holds Doritos is heavy enough to hold him down?

The video is also categorized as ‘comedy.’ ?

But then again, maybe the video is real. We just don’t have all the facts yet.

What say you?

This is definitely real: Security Guard Shoots 2 Guys Trying To Rob A 7-Eleven With Fake Gun (NSFW Language)

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