Meanwhile in Illinois: Dirty Old Man Strangles Penis With Rubber Bands, It’s Our Job to Report the News, Dad (Sorry)

This story takes crotch rot to a whole ‘nother level. A dirty old man in Illinois was hospitalized after binding his penis with rubber bands and cutting off circulation to the point that his dick literally began to rot.

“Strangulation cases like this are thankfully rare,” Dr. Fardod O’Kelly, a urological surgeon at Beacon Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, told the Daily Mail. “The arterial compression means no blood flow in, and that means no oxygen supply, so the organ begins to die.”

The disturbing medical condition was discovered after the 81-year-old was admitted to the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis (a serious reaction to low insulin levels). Once hospitalized, the man’s wife confessed that her husband, who has dementia, had wrapped rubber bands around his scrotum and kept his junk restrained for three days. Upon examination, doctors found a severely swollen penis that had become purple and yellow, a sign of “a necrotic or gangrenous state” (i.e. indication that the organ was on its way out).

“An organ like the penis could probably tolerate this for a couple of hours (if you don’t pass out with the pain), however eventually the pressure becomes too great and the arteries become compressed as well,” O’Kelly explained.

We’ll spare you the gory details of how the doctors tried to remedy the situation, which was only made worse because the old man hadn’t urinated during the time his dick was restricted. The man recovered after antibiotics and five days in the hospital, but failed to return for a follow-up. We can only imagine he’s too embarrassed to face doctors again.

Cover Photo: RealPeopleGroup (Getty Images)