These Are The 12 Bands You Absolutely Must See Live Before It’s Too Late

Photo: Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

Surely, there are plenty of bands you haven’t seen that you should have by now, but we’re calling out the 12 bands you absolutely must see live before it’s too late. While there are definitely bands that need to stop touring immediately (ahem, U2), there’s still lots left from our rock elders. And we’re not talking about these infectiously terrible ideas.

Between North Korean missiles, ISIS, hurricanes, looming earthquakes and impending floods, there is an endless number of things that can distract you from a good concert, but live music, dear friends, is what keeps the soul alive. So put down the baby bottle or rubber breast pump, lock your kids in the closet and call out of work, if you must, then get tickets to see these bands before they die (or you do).

Don’t let Mick kick it before you see that rooster dance or Bruce croak before he slides his sweaty crotch across the stage into your face, as we count off 12 bands you have to see live before it’s too late. Then rock until you drop.

These Are the 12 Bands You Absolutely Must See Live Before It’s Too Late

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