Meanwhile in Albania: Real-Life Spiderman Jumps Through Car Window, Stops Driver Plowing Through Vaccine Site Crowd (Video)

Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they prefer streetwear. While we’re more comfortable watching superheroes strut their stuff from a safe and popcorn-filled distance, others are ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice. This was the case in Skanderbeg Square after one lone hero risked life and limb to save a crowd gathered at one of Albania’s largest Covid-19 vaccine sites.

It was mid-afternoon when a silver compact sped onto the pedestrian-only square filled with citizens awaiting vaccination in the hot sun. With the engine throttling, people scurried out of the way of the runaway car, narrowly escaping certain doom as the driver swerved toward the medical tents. When a few bystanders tried to corral the car, the driver became more erratic, executing a series of dangerous reverse donuts á la the Green Goblin. That’s when a real-life spiderman decided to take action.

Timing his jump perfectly, the unknown hero sprinted toward the Goblin Glider and leaped through the open driver’s side window, delivering a double-heel kick to the driver’s face. His acrobatic charge knocked the driver off balance, allowing the crowd to drag the assailant from the stalled vehicle and detain him until authorities arrived.

It’s not clear whether the attack had anything to do with anti-vax sentiments, but local police are pretty sure the driver was under the influence of drugs at the time (you think?). As for the young hero who saved untold lives, his identity has yet to be released, but we wouldn’t be surprised if his name happens to be Peter.

Check out the video below, then ask yourself this: Next time a drugged-out wacko tries to plow through a crowd of innocent pedestrians, will you be the person filming the incident from afar or the one jumping through the car window? Hey, we’re not judging, just wondering how much popcorn we’ll have to share with other lookie-loos.

Cover Photo: OrangeDukeProductions (Getty Images)

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