Creepy Light Shining From Hotel Bathtub Drain Inspires Some Hilarious Facebook and Twitter Theories

Hotels can be a relaxing oasis of calm…or they can be downright creepy, the stuff of horror films. This story involves a venue that fits the latter category. An unnamed woman dropped a photo into a Facebook group called “Things Found In Walls – And Other Hidden Findings.” It showed a hotel bathtub drain with an eerie orange light emanating from deep within it.

“I’m in a hotel and I just noticed that the bath drain has a light coming from it,” she wrote. “What could it be?”

Facebook commenters were quick with their theories – and some were downright hilarious.

“That’s clearly a portal to hell,” one said.

“Uh dunno, but if someone down there asks if you’d like a balloon, just say no,” another snarked, referencing It.

Others called it “creepy as f–k.”

Twitter got in on the theories, too.

One plumbing expert actually chimed in on Facebook with a more realistic explanation: “Most hotels have a chase between the rooms where all the mechanical systems are exposed so they can be maintained. If the trap in the tub is plastic and the maintenance person left the light in the chase on, it will be visible in your room. That’s probably what’s happening here.”

We suppose that could be true, but we kind of like the spine-tingling theories better. As Mulder and Scully would say, “The truth is out there!”

Cover Photo: Facebook

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