The 2027 Space Hotel Says Travel a Lifetime to Stay For the Weekend, Pretty Much How Every Terrible Trip Goes

Photo: Orbital Assembly Corporation

We don’t have to tell you that the last year has been stressful and filled with anxiety. Many of us have become near shut-ins for months on end as our jobs shift from an office to working from our finished basements turned home office. We all want this whole pandemic to end so we can get on with our lives and get back to some kind of normalcy. This includes travel. We dream of road trips, plane rides to faraway destinations, and some of us envision traveling off the planet completely.

For these folks who’d rather leave our turmoil-filled, politically divided, dying planet behind, there might be a vacation spot perfect for you opening up in a few years. It’s called Voyager Station and it will be the equivalent of a space cruise ship that floats above the earth’s atmosphere.


Made up of 24 modules that are connected by elevator shafts, it will look like a giant, rotating wheel that floats above Earth. It’s being built by a company called Orbital Assembly Corporation that sounds more like an evil conglomerate in a 1980s sci-fi movie than a real company.

Expected to open in 2027, the space hotel doesn’t yet advertise its room rates and the price of actually getting to it. But, if you’ve been following the news stories about Virgin Galactic, you can assume it will cost you more than $250,000 just to get there. So, if you want to take a vacation from Earth, you better start saving up now.

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