Airstream Releases Nomadic Trailer For Your Future as a Permanent Home Body

Photo: Airstream 

Years ago, if you got an office job, you were stuck to a desk from 9-5 from Monday through Friday. Today, thanks to technology and an ongoing pandemic that made many jobs shift to the home office, nobody needs to be stuck sitting at the same desk 40-plus hours per week. This has led to a large number of digital nomads, people who travel and use a Wi-Fi hot spot or find a coffee shop or restaurant with Wi-Fi to do their daily work.

But, thanks to Airstream, your nomadic limits can finally reach their true potential. That’s because the iconic trailer company just launched a 30-foot trailer that’s complete with office space for on-the-go working.

The 2021 Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office is complete with a sleek designed interior featuring a bedroom, relaxing area/table, USB, HDMI ports, power outlets, and a dedicated workspace with a desk perfect for completing whatever busy work your job entails. You can even get 4G internet service from AT&T through Airstream Connected or a roof antenna to snag nearby Wi-Fi signals. Now, instead of walking to the water cooler every few hours to chat with your coworkers, step out of your day and breath in the fresh ocean air or a cool, mountain breeze.

Hitch this bad boy to your SUV or truck and set out on your adventure on the road without missing a single day of work. What could be better than that?

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