Golden butterflyfish (Chaetodon semilarvatus) swimming past soft corals (Dendronephthya sp.), Egypt, Red Sea.

Australia’s First Underwater Hotel Lets You Sleep With the Fishes (But in a Good Way)

The travel industry is desperate to lure people back into its clutches. Resorts are doing everything imaginable to create unique experiences, from showcasing live giraffes on the other side of your suite windows to an out-of-this-world space hotel. But a new venue in Australia promises guests can sleep with the fishes…and we don’t mean that in the Mafia way.

It’s called Reefsuites, and it’s Australia’s first underwater hotel. Managed by luxury tourism operator Cruise Whitsundays, it’s located off Hardy Reef, and boasts two suites situated beneath a floating pontoon 15 feet underwater. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows of this “undersea sanctuary,” people can watch 1,500 species of fish – plus turtles, rays, and sea monsters – float by in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Photo: Reefsuites

Though this sounds extravagant, it’s actually not that expensive: £404 (about the equivalent of $550 in U.S. currency) per night. That’s a small price to pay to see everything from clownfish to trevally to parrotfish up close and personal.

While getting to the hotel is quite the feat, requiring a 90-minute plane ride from Brisbane, plus three hours on a boat, the sights are well worth it. Imagine witnessing a 700-pound sea monster swallow a whole turtle, then spit out the shell – all from your king-sized bed!

Yes, please, sign us up for this live sea creature show. If we managed to nab a reservation here, we wouldn’t waste a minute of our stay sleeping.

Cover Photo: Georgette Douwma (Getty Images)



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