Deer Pulls Ol’ Switcheroo on Hunter, Grabs Gun, and Runs, Coincidentally on First Day of White Trash Hunting Season

We understand that for many people all over the world, hunting is an important part of life. The game caught feeds their family (or village) for months or it’s sold to help them survive. But, for some people, hunting is just a sport. Because of those people, we find stories like this odd tale out of the Czech Republic to be hilarious. That’s because a deer pulled the ol’ switcheroo and stole the hunter’s gun.

The Czech man was hunting in the South Bohemian Region near the village of Horni Plana in the Central European country. He said that one of his hunting dogs had spooked a deer. This caused the buck to charge him out of panic. In the fracas, the man’s shirt was torn, he received a few small injuries, and his .22 caliber rifle ended up wedged between the deer’s antlers.

It all happened rather quickly. The panicked deer, the attack, and then, like Keyser Soze, the deer was gone. It ran into the woods with the man’s unloaded rifle still firmly stuck between its antlers.

He was likely embarrassed to do so, but he reported the interaction to the local authorities and regaled them with the story. As embarrassing as the whole ordeal was, the man was required to report the loss of his gun due to a national law.

While his gun has yet to be retrieved, police did report that another hunter saw the deer, running through the woods with the gun in its antlers. If that sight isn’t enough to get someone to try a different leisure sport, we don’t know what will.

Photo: Boris SV (Getty Images)

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