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Meanwhile on TikTok: The Beer Deer Turns Your Empties Into Art

You know the ultimate symbol of manliness is having a dead animal’s head on your wall, right? Well, some of us don’t have the stomach for that. Or the hunting guns. Or the taxidermist on speed dial. For the rest of us, there’s the beer deer.

What is a beer deer, you ask? Allow us – or rather, TikTok – to explain.

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Basically, a beer deer is a way to turn your empties into art. And we mean your empty beer boxes, not the actual bottles (though we’d be really impressed if you figured out how to do this with glass). Add a little creativity and voila! A new statement piece and talking point for your man cave.

@beastheist86i BEER DEER #beerdeer #MaiselChallenge #viral #cowboyshit #rodeo #blowup #deer #buck #deerhunter #beerhunter ♬ original sound – Low Fro Photography

Depending on your affinity for arts and crafts, you can try to fashion a beer deer all by yourself, or you can purchase the materials and instructions from (who else?) Beer Deer™.

“Famously known as the ‘Man cave must have!’ the Beer Deer makes the perfect addition to any bar, living room, man cave, or chill spot! Not to mention, they make the perfect gift for yourself or someone special,” the product’s description reads. “Turns heads, spark conversations, inspire awe, and draw admiration!”

Jeez, do they make infomercials for these? Because we are one 30-minute brainwashing segment away from buying up a bunch of cardboard animals. They even come in moose variations! (Which, while visually cool, is admittedly not as fun to say as “beer deer.”)

@beerdeerusa #stitch with @collegecribs ♬ original sound – Beer Deer USA

This seems like the perfect drinking activity to do with your bros. Invite ‘em over, have ‘em BYOB, then gather ‘round and get crafty!

Cover Photo: TikTok


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