Hunter Shoots Goose, Goose Falls From Sky And Knocks Out Hunter

Photo: river34 (Getty)

My buddies back in Wisconsin tell me that you have to be ready for anything when you go hunting. Granted, it’s hard to take them seriously while they’re showering in deer piss, but based on some of their stories, they’re kind of right.

I mean, I’ve heard stories of hunters shooting cows or other farm animals because they thought they were deer. I’ve heard of guys pissing themselves while de-feathering ducks because they sometimes still have one quack left in them even after they’ve been dead for a few hours. But I’ve never heard of a dead animal getting revenge on the guy who took him out.

Until now.

Hunter Shoots Goose, Goose Falls From Sky And Knocks Out Hunter

According to WBAL, a group of men were getting their hunt on in Easton, Maryland Thursday night, but not everybody left in the same vehicle they arrived in. That’s because one of the men shot a goose that flew overhead, but the dead goose had no plans of going quietly, as it dropped from the sky and knocked out the guy who took him out.

Not only was the dude knocked unconscious, but he also lost two teeth in the ordeal. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where we’ll assume he’ll be in some kind of hunter concussion protocol or some shit for the next few days.

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