Having a Tough Time After Election Night? Feel Better With an Emotional Support Canadian

If you’re anything like us, you’re having a tough time with all of the post-election coverage. We should put “post-election” in quotes because it’s not over. Even several days later, a president hasn’t been named. It’s completely nerve-wracking. It’s enough to drive us to drink all of the alcohol in our homes. We need some kind of emotional support animal. We’ll settle for a cat, puppy, parrot, or even a Canadian. That’s right, a Canadian.

Our friendly neighbors to the north are always there for a warm hug, a few Tim-Bits (also known as donut holes), and a box of Kraft Dinner. But, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging on both sides of the border, we can’t visit our friends in Toronto, Vancouver, or Winnipeg. We’ll have to settle for a virtual “Emotional Support Canadian.”

Confused yet? Well, beginning on election night, the term began trending on Twitter. The first Canadian to offer their services was @ItsSamG when she tweeted, “Emotional support Canadians are standing by…”.

A Canadian named Simu Liu (@SimuLiu) summed it all up with his Tweet that read: “O hey there buds! It’s your Emotional Support Canadian. Did you sleep well? Have a glass of water. Take a walk. Call your friends. Prioritize YOU today.”

Canadians are known for their warm, welcoming nature. Regardless of whether this stereotype is actually true, it’s clear our Canadian cousins are there for us during these trying times.

Photo: Photawa (Getty Images)

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