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Chef Creates “Coronaburger,” Says You Have to “Eat It to Beat It”

Coronavirus has robbed us of a lot, but two things it hasn’t stolen are our appetites and our sense of humor. No one embodies this more than Chef Hoang Tung, who works at Pizza Home in Hanoi, Vietnam. The culinary wizard recently crafted a new menu item called the Coronaburger, and it’s going viral in the best way. The burger is built on green tea-stained buns that are studded with “crowns” to mimic the shape of the COVID-19 virus as seen in microscopic images. Not only does it look delicious, it’s helping Tung keep business afloat at a time when the food industry is suffering. And, of course, it’s good for a laugh.

“We have this joke that if you are scared of something, you should eat it,” Hanoi told Reuters. “That’s why the coronavirus isn’t scary anymore after you eat a burger in the shape of the virus itself. That way of thinking spreads joy to others during this pandemic.”

You heard the man. Spread joy, not sickness. And don’t forget to eat your Coronaburgers! Just make sure you wash your hands first.

Cover Photo: MANAN VATSYAYANA / Contributor (Getty Images)

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