Yeti’s New $800 Cooler Is Perfect For Getting Away With Killing Aunt Karen This Holiday Season

The holidays are obviously a stressful time for everyone, so much so you get tested on an almost daily basis. Last year, your Aunt Karen pushed it when she yelled at you for putting your socks on the couch, despite being in your 30s, while she enabled her cat to poop on grandma’s carpet (again). For those of us bringing enough drinks and good eats to soothe our anxious holiday hearts, Yeti has the perfect cooler to cover you across the board for a simple $800. The Yeti V Series is a stainless steel compartment for everything you hold dear (even Aunt Karen). With cold-holding power for holiday drinks and a “relentless dedication” to keeping things sealed to perfection, we’re not even sure you could hear her screams with such legendary insulation. Clearly, you shouldn’t kill your Aunt Karen (or anybody) this holiday season, but maybe just show her the cooler. If she knows Yeti, she’ll get the picture.

Photo: Yeti

Photo: Yeti

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