Christmas Trees

The 2020 of Ugliest Christmas Trees on the Entire Internet

No matter how complicated your feelings about the holidays, we should all be able to agree on the visual appeal of Christmas trees. They bring the outdoors inside during an otherwise bleak season in nature, fill our homes with light, and are adorned with ornaments that dazzle or are keepsakes of Christmases past.

But not all Christmas trees deserve our awe, much less a roaring rendition of “O Christmas Tree.” The sad fact is that there are some truly fugly Christmas trees out there. You may have seen one of these in the wild (we’re betting most of you have an aunt who went overboard at least once). If not, that’s what the internet is for.

We don’t know if the owners decorated these trees after too many cups of spiked eggnog, if they thought “everything but the kitchen sink” was an aesthetic, or if no one taught them concepts like matching and symmetry. Whatever the reasons, the results are disastrous.

These are the 2020 of ugliest Christmas trees on the entire internet.

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