How to Spike Your Holiday Eggnog So It’s Not Gross For Once

It’s bound to happen: you see eggnog at your local grocery store and get the itch to buy a pint. But, once you’re home and you pour that first glass, you realize your mistake. Overly sweet, uncomfortably rich store-bought eggnog is always a disappointment. Then the carton is banished to the back of your fridge until you find it there months later.

If you’re going to enjoy imbibing eggnog, you’ll have to splurge on a fancier version at a local dairy farm or an artisanal food store. Or you could make it yourself by beating egg yolks, then adding sugar, milk, and cream. But eggnog, homemade or store-bought, isn’t really worth drinking without the addition of alcohol. That’s why we decided to list our favorite bottles of booze to add to your eggnog to really get into the holiday spirit. Pick one and amp up this Christmasy adult beverage!

Photo: AleksandarGeorgiev (Getty Images)

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