8 Easy Hot Cocktails You Can Brew Up on the Stove (Anything to Get You Through the Holidays)

The holidays haven’t even started, and people already have their Christmas decorations up. Clearly this is going to be a long winter, meaning all the more reason you’ll want a little hand from Santa’s helpers (Jack, Jim and Jameson). Enter the spiced goodness of hot holiday cocktails, exactly what you need to get through a month of your mother telling you to cut your hair while Aunt Mary lets her dog shit the rug (again). All that’s required to brew up classic hot drinks are a few everyday ingredients and a working stovetop, which conveniently doubles as a heater (broke millennial hack, an early Christmas gift to you).

So invite your friends over and serve up some proper holiday cheer, warmth wrapped up with a bit of liquor. And if you want to keep the party rolling, here’s a pro tip: Get yourself a percolator so you can spend more time lubing up that liver and less time slaving over a hot stove. Here’s to you and yours, a happy holiday season, a somehow trim waistline and no awkward fitting clothes you have to try on in front of everyone.

Photo: Warner Bros.

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