Our 2 Least Favorite Groups of People, Smash Mouth and the Kardashians, Are in a Twitter Feud, Virtual Murder-Suicide Too Much to Hope For?

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder (Getty Images)

The Twitter world is all about beef. Athletes and celebrities beefing, musicians beefing, burger restaurants literally beefing, and, seemingly out of left field Smash Mouth just started a Twitter feud with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. Yes, that Smash Mouth. The band that brought the world the earworm “All Star” back in 1999.

While we didn’t take time to look it up, we’re assuming the band hasn’t been doing much since the ‘90s. So, it has ample time to start a fight with the celebrity couple on social media. It all started when Barker, well-known as the drummer for Blink-182, gave his boo a fancy floral arrangement for Mother’s Day.

Why this bothered Smash Mouth, we have no idea. But, the band’s Twitter account (which we can only assume is run by frontman Steve Harwell) took offense to the gesture posting, “not used to Travis Barker having a full time publicist(Kardashians) trying to keep him in the 24hour news cycle. Glad you got Kourtney a ‘lavish gift’ for mothers day. lol.”

This is a real head-scratcher unless you know that Barker recently showed his displeasure for the band’s choice to play a packed concert in the middle of a pandemic. But even though Twitter went crazy, Smash Mouth was quick to say that it was all a joke.

Whether it was a joke, we’ll never know. Maybe, in the future, the band will think twice about throwing shade for seemingly no reason. Or, maybe they won’t. It’s much more entertaining that way.

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