Disgusting Pig Faces His Alleged Sexual Assault Victims in Court (No, the Other Pig)

With all the buzzing of things not happening in the President Trump impeachment trial, another American pig stands trial to face his accusers at the same time: Harvey Weinstein. Coincidence? Or just a hell of a week for disgusting pigs?
In what seems like a convenient two-birds, one-week scumbag fire sale for the blatantly guilty kind of a week, the Harvey Weinstein trial has actually taken a backseat on all the major headline news sources, including late-night television, which usually loves nothing more than to poke fun at the man who (allegedly, oh come on) assaulted many of their own. As the Trump trial moves ahead with (currently) no new evidence, no subpoenas to key witnesses and no Trump himself (off in his own personal Switzerland, literally), several acts of treason are becoming more and more likely to go unatoned for, while Weinstein, on the other hand, bends over and takes it for once before a likely sentencing.
Trump has even admitted to knowing Weinstein, citing “I’ve known him for years. I’m not at all surprised.” If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black (or a word we’re not allowed to use that most people use to replace the word “black”), well then, we’re not quite sure what is.
Today, the rape trial brought Sopranos actress Annabella Sciorra to the stand to face her assailant, and we hope for a quick and relatively painless resolve, since we know the other trial will likely have little to no justice. If that’s not weird enough for you, enjoy some of the best weird news stories of the month so far below.
Cover: Mark Wilson/Staff (Getty Images), Paul Bruinooge/Contributor (Getty Images)

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