Mandatory Moments highlights

Mandatory Moments: Weekly Highlights For 5-17-2019

Photo: Tony Garcia (Getty Images)

This week’s highlights are all about learning: learning how to get your girlfriend to forgive you with cannabis treats (because she’s basically a Labrador), who the 12 types of women are you should be having sex with right now (because your weekend needs fun activities), and what the hell is going on with Game of Thrones now that the show is finally coming to a close. Oh, and because we know the void GoT will be leaving, we’ve included a list of all the best international movies currently streaming on Netflix.

Here’s to another week successfully hogtied, spanked, and put out to pasture. Enjoy all the free-range highlights below as you saddle up for the (not-quite-Memorial-Day-yet) weekend.

Saddle up: National Bike To Work Day: 21 Funny GIFs To Convince You To Join The Ride

Breakfast of champions: National Mimosa Day: The 6 Best Breakfast Cocktails To Restart Your Life

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