Mandatory Moments: Weekly Highlights For 5-24-2019

Photo: Tony Garcia (Getty Images)

It must be said, the highlights this week reveal a long, strange trip, filled with heartache and farewells. Our beloved Grumpy Cat cashed in the last of his nine lives and took the elevator up to kitty heaven, leaving the world without a mascot for the little grouch in us all and we are still trying to deal. As if that wasn’t enough, Game of Thrones ended on a less-than-stellar-note, leaving fans both disappointed, yet hungry for more. Now we must try to kick off the summer, arguably the most beloved season of the year, with the weight of these farewells heavy in our minds.

But never fear. Mandatory has the sizzling tips on your summer highs, the best music festivals to partake in, and a pairing menu of fast food and craft beer (because yes, it will be that kind of summer). So even though we took a few hits, let us pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and stumble dazedly through Memorial Day weekend with a beer in our hand. Let’s do it for Grumpy Cat.

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