Wine Down: Breaking Down Wines By Pairing Them With Trending TV Binges

Understanding wine can be as exhausting as uncorking the bottle with your shoe, but there’s no denying it’s worth it just to figure it out. Instead of breaking down the labels and language barriers of vino (Italian for “wine”), we thought we’d bring it home where TV is the name of the game. See, you’re learning already!

Using 12 of your favorite trending TV binges, we’re pairing each to the 12 most common types of wine to give you an idea of what they taste like, when to drink them and, most importantly, which ones to avoid. From the sweetest of Kimmy Schmidts to the darkest of Starks, we’re going to show you the meaning of wine from the lightest whites to the boldest reds.

wine down

Welcome to Wine Down, where wine and TV go together like Thelma & Louise, but hopefully without a fiery crash at the end.

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