Black Chips Matter: Doritos Drops Limited Edition Chips to Celebrate Black Culture

Photo: Doritos

There’s no disputing the fact that black creators, writers, innovators, and entrepreneurs are underrepresented and often times aren’t given the awareness and funding they deserve. In an effort to be a part of the change, Doritos is launching an initiative called SOLID BLACK. It’s in addition to the brand’s #AmplifyBlackVoices campaign that launched last year.

But this is more than just a new chip featuring well-known black figures. SOLID BLACK is a multi-platform initiative that has the goal of helping to lift black voices to the forefront. It also aims to create resources to help with this effort. This includes an investment of more than $5 million.

It all starts this summer with Doritos’ first class of Changemakers. Doritos describes these individuals as “members of the Black community using innovation and boldness to drive culture and give back to their communities.” Every one of these “Changemakers” receives $50,000 to help with their work. On top of this, Doritos will spotlight these innovators and creators on its social media channels as well as in advertising campaigns.

But, since Doritos is in the business of selling chips, there are limited-edition chips as well. The brand is committing $100,000 to the National Urban League and is giving chip aficionados a chance to get a bag of Doritos Solid Black designed by artist Megan Lewis.