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Dating App Bumble to Open NYC Restaurant, A Sweet Space to Have Your Next Disappointing Date

Dating apps, if used correctly, should be a means to an end, that end being a first date. But after finding someone you click with online and agreeing to meet up in person, the next hurdle is finding a great place to meet. The dating app Bumble hopes to resolve that conundrum by opening its own restaurant in New York City.

Dubbed Bumble Brew, the venue will combine “the convenience of a casual all-day cafe by day with the ambiance of an intimate restaurant and wine bar at night,” according to a press release. It’s an offshoot of “Bumble Hive pop-ups,” which provided daters with a “physical embodiment” of the app in cities like NYC, L.A., and London.

Bumble Brew will be located in the downtown Nolita neighborhood of NYC, with another location coming to Austin, Texas, in the future. The NYC location boasts a large dining room, cocktail bar, patio area, and private dining room, all decked out in the brand’s signature yellow hue and honeycomb-themed decor.

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Photo: Bumble/Float Studio

Bumble Brew opens for breakfast service starting July 24 with plans to expand to lunch and dinner shortly thereafter. It will feature an “ambitious coffee program,” plenty of wine to “help conversation flow” and a menu focused on Italian fare with an emphasis on veggies, pasta, and shareable plates. It will also feature pickup and delivery options in case you and your date want to stay in (or you chicken out and decide to eat alone).

“We hope that people can gather at Bumble Brew and connect over an espresso or delicious meal, whether it’s with friends, a potential partner or a new business connection,” said Julia Smith, head of brand partnerships at Bumble.

That all sounds great, though we hope they install some kind of trap door or emergency exit in the back just in case your date tanks and you need to escape while “using the restroom.”

Cover Photo: Bumble/Float Studio



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