Reese’s Announces New Candy Cup Made Entirely of Peanut Butter, Can’t Wait to See What Sick Trend TikTok Comes With For That

As competition for people’s attention continues to stiffen, brands are constantly finding ways to innovate their products. This is why we have to hand it to Reese’s for ignoring the herd and going the other way with it. Rather than dropping some flash-in-the-pan flavor combo like Nutella and pangolin scales, the classic candy cup maker is simplifying its famous recipe by going all-in on peanut butter.

The new cup, which was announced on National Peanut Butter Day, is the opposite of reinventing the wheel. It won’t be flashy, creative, or radically different. Instead, the filling will remain the same while the chocolate shell will be replaced with a…wait for it…peanut butter shell. Ensuring that when you eat one, you won’t be able to stop chewing for at least ten minutes.

To find out why this is different than just spooning a mound of peanut butter from the jar and stuffing it into your face, we’ll have to wait until the candy launches in April. But you can bet there’ll be a sticky new trend taking over TikTok when it happens.

Whether it involves butt cheeks, beauty tips, or human-on-dog tongue action, we can’t wait to watch every single video. Though we will wait until after we’ve eaten a whole bag of cups lest we’re suddenly overcome with nausea.

Cover Photo: The Hershey Company

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